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Still here?

Still here?

Look at what you’ve missed since I moved….

So what are you waiting for, go to the new blog location at The Thylacine now!

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Blog has moved

My blog has now moved to

Please update your RSS feeds and google reader etc to this address.

See you over there!

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New colourways and bases

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here. As well as preparing for Woolfest, I’ve been ordering in and dyeing new bases, and creating new colourways. I’ve also had family visiting from Australia – we’ve been doing a lot of countryside walks (for which I can highly recommend these two books)

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of sock knitting. Patterns are still being written, some photos need taking and test knitting is still taking place. I have 4 sock patterns at various stages of completion.

After being asked many times at Wonderwool if I had any laceweight, I decided I should probably get some in. I’d avoided laceweight because I don’t really like knitting with it and it didn’t seem right to sell yarn I wouldn’t use myself. But I had a look at some of the laceweight bases from my supplier and picked one which I liked the look of and that is on the heavier end of laceweight (800 metres per 100 grams) and that I think I’d be happy using.

The result is ‘Mawson Lace’ – 80% Superwash Merino / 20% Bamboo. I already love the sock weight of this base and the yarn takes dye beautifully. This is a new-ish colourway ‘Dampiera’

A friend also kindly donated me a few skeins of laceweight silk. This colourway is ‘Honey Myrtle’. It’s beautiful and shiny and dyed up beautifully. I had to give it a bit of special treatment to reduce the stinky silk smell.

I bought an advance skein of this new 50% merino / 50% silk sock weight yarn at Wonderwool. I loved how my test dye came out so I had to order some more. This is ‘Denison 4-ply’ in colourway ‘scarpantoni’. The usual colourways come out a bit paler than usual, so I may develop some new deeper ones.

This is ‘Glaziers Bay’ on Merino/silk fibre. The colours were inspired by some tiles I saw at my local DIY store, and the dye method by several bumps I’ve seen in people’s stashes on ravelry that feature the white of the base fibre as part of the colourway.

This is ‘Stony Rise’ on shetland/silk. I custom-dyed this for a customer, but I like this so much I will be doing it again.

‘Clover Hill’ on grey shetland. I’m having a bit of a purple phase and I wanted to add another couple of purple-on-grey colourways to my list.

And finally an un-named colourway on 100% seacell. This is the result of the brighly coloured parcels I posted about a few weeks ago. This is my first real go at hand-painting using fibre-reactive dyes. Although the dyes looked very bright while they were on the fibre, a lot washed out leaving the finished items reasonably muted.

The seacell, merino/silk, shetland, and laceweight are currently listed in my etsy shop, along with some grey shetland/alpaca and some shetland/silk.

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