Posted by: Moggle | August 8, 2007

A FO, WIPs and patterns on the ‘radar’

After months, I finally put the finishing touches on this baby vest.

Baby vest close

baby vest 2

The mum to be finishes working with me next week so this is just in time. Now I just have to wrap it.

You saw the Argosy scarf recently. It hasn’t really changed since then. Other WIPs are:


Endpaper mitts in rowan 4 ply soft.


This is the start of a jumper of my own design in Tess Dawson merino 4 ply in Cherry.

I will have to take a photo of my print o the wave another day as the batteries decided to run out on the camera.

Up and coming projects:

A variation on this shrug for my sister for her 30th birthday.

A red light special hat for myself in shades of blue, sea green and grey.

A Beaufort hat in RYC wool silk in grey

Thermal from knitty by cosmic pluto

Debbie Bliss baby cardi in baby cashmerino

On top of those I have a couple more designs that I’m trying to work on – just waiting on yarn for now, and I have a load of other ideas spinning round in my head. I’v got loads of little sketches in a notebook so I don’t forget them all.

Other stuff I really like the look of:

This cute little baby fairisle jacket from Garnstudio for one of the babies I know. I probably will do the fairisle at the top and the bottom and miss out the spots in the middle section.

I also decided after a recent search for Lorna’s Laces on Flickr (my suggestion is to hide your credit card before doing this – too many nice yarns appear!) that I want to do a pair of Jaywalkers. Not sure what colourway I will choose but I really like how the sand ridge looks in this photo. Also tempted by fleece artist sea wool. Never done socks before, but I’ve done a sock-like tube on the endpapers so I guess I will figure out the rest.

I’m going back to the pink knitting now.



  1. moggle, your knitting is beautiful. I love the endpaper mitts, I’ve been looking at them for ages but not sure about the fairisle, yours is so neat and lovely. Well done.

  2. Thanks Pinkarwensocks. You really should try the endpapers, it’s easier than you think. Just take your time and make sure you are not interrupted.

  3. […] little one who I knitted the argyle slipover for has been born and is a little girl. My friend loved the red, so I might knit something else in […]

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