Posted by: Moggle | August 9, 2007

Designed by the Goddess

It’s rare that a pattern comes along and ticks pretty much all my knitting boxes.

√ Fitted

√ Low Neck

√ Colourwork

√ Good use of colour

√ Fine guage knit

√ Three quarter sleeves

I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s a Eunny Jang pattern that does it.

It’s the Autumn Rose Sweater from Jamieson’s Simply Shetland 4. Doesn’t seem to be available on their site at the moment, but various US sites seem to have it so it can only be a matter of time. I love how it’s pictured exactly how I would wear it – with a co-ordinating top underneath. A lot of knitwear photo shoots are not very realistic in that way.

After a bit of a search and a look at Pixie Purls’ blog I found the yarn requirements. The second size takes 14 balls of yarn.

It’s probably heresy, but I am tempted to change the colours a bit – perhaps some blues and greys and greens. I might have a play around in excel.

I’m off to pray to the knitting gods to give me the talent to be able to complete such a gorgeous garment and for alternative colour inspiration (and for the cash to pay for the yarn 🙂 ).



  1. That really is a gorgeous sweater! Hmm, might have to put that on the wish list after the ‘Venezia Pullover’ 🙂

  2. I am soo anxious waiting on my yarn. I’m scared of the small needles 🙂 haha

  3. Wow, that is stunning!

  4. Glenna, I look forward to seing your finished Venezia. I completely overlooked it because of the high neckline, but I have recently seen a version modified to have a v neck so I might have a re-think.

    Pixie good luck with those teeny tiny needles. I love your blues and greens ideas but I think I might keep the reds and try some greys instead of monkey poo browns. Oh and some more chocolatey browns. That’s not too heretical is it?

    Emilee, I have checked out your blog. Your Clapotis and serrano are looking brilliant!

  5. Gorge! That sweater is just so beautiful. Course color work & I are not on great terms, but man that is a beautiful pattern!!! LOVE the neckline.

  6. I love that jumper, I don’t think I could manage all the colour work, but I would love it in one colour. I’ll look out for the pattern.

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