Posted by: Moggle | August 10, 2007

More Autumn Rose and Lake of the Woods

More obsessing about the Autumn Rose

Autum Rose colours

These are a couple of my ideas of colour changes. On the left are the original colours. The numbers are the pairs of contrasts. I probably should have added something to remind me that those colours need to be close together in shade and tone. I think I did pretty well picking the second column before I knew what the contrasts were. The third is just substituting some greys for the strong yellows. That probably needs more work.

Thanks Pixie for helping me find the close up shot part way down this page.

I really want to have a look at the colours in person so I will probably try to find a stockist up in Scotland when I am up there next month.

I forgot to mention a pattern I am considering in my post of a few days ago. It’s this:

Lake of the woods

Lake of the woods capelet by Ilga Leja. I really like the blues and greens in that version. It’s a fleece artist yarn, but I don’t think I will use that. It’s one of the times when I will use a verigated yarn, I normally prefer solid colours. I’m considering Artesano Alpaca Hummingbird in Peregrine (middle of the third column), which my ‘posh’ LYS stocks. It’s a bit lighter than the DK/Worsted specified by the pattern, but it is lace so I think I can probably get away with it.

I just went to take a photo of my print o the wave and it was too dark and didn’t look very good. I’ll wait for some sun over the weekend.


I meant to also say that I contacted Get Knitted today and they now have the new shades of Sublime Cashmere Silk Merino in the shop and will put them on the web site early next week. I want to make a cardi in the new dark red. Texere helpfully has the baby and the non-baby shades all on the one page (but none showing in stock).



  1. I very much like your pink colourway – I’m not much into autumn tones either. my only concern would be that the Fog, Moorland and Old Rose all look slightly darker in value than their counterparts to the left. Hard to tell without seeing it in real life.

    And speaking of real life, not sure where you are but IKnit in London has a good range of J&S and they would have the colour cards too which I’m sure they’d let you see.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion Diane. It might be possible for me to get to I-Knit later this month. Good to know they do all the Jaimeson’s, and it should be easier to pick when looking at the yarn or the shade cards.

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