Posted by: Moggle | August 13, 2007

Print o the Wave stole and stash

My yarn now only just fits in to it’s plastic under-bed storage box. So I figure it’s now officially a ‘stash’ and deserves to be photographed.

Stash Aug 07

Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply (grey); Debbie Bliss Merino Aran; Tess Dawson Merino 4 ply; king cole merino dk, Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply (cream); Misti alpaca laceweight, 4 ply cotton from ebay (possibly Rowan); RYC silk wool; Matchmaker Merino in olive and beige; Rowan 4 ply soft; Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino.

I took some close up shots of the wool/silk and the misti alpaca. The wool/silk has a lovely sheen and they added more colours recently. Shame it costs a small fortune – I want to make a hat out of the purple or the new red.

Stash close up

I’ve really tried to avoid stashing. None of this yarn was bought for the sake of buying. It all has a designated project – or it did when I bought it. The beige matchmaker was going to be my first pair of endpaper mitts, but looked awful with the other colour I’d bought. Instead I’m going to make a pair of modified endpapers with a leafy pattern with the green matchmaker.

I really love the misti alpaca and I really need to get stuck back in to the Print o the wave stole. I finally got around to taking a photo of it.


POW close up

I’m pretty happy with how it’s going and I’m getting in to the rhythm of it. I just seem to be finding it hard to find the time to do it amongst all my other projects.

In other vaguely knitting news I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. I really liked it, but I think I need to see it again to decide how much. With the last two books I’ve been aware of how much of the book had to be cut out – no Fred and George swamp for example. The knits in the film didn’t disappoint though. I loved Neville’s fair-isle jumper/cardi when he found the room of requirement. Also liked Hermione’s grey stripey number, Luna’s silver lace/crochet scarf, her purple crochet cardi, and Ginny’s yellow shrug at the end. I really want to have a go at the fair-isle, but make it in to a shaped ladies v or scoop neck. I really need to have another look at it.

Bye for now



  1. Nice stash there! And POW is looking lovely.

    I agree with you about the HP knits. I want to try fair isle as well… and that nasty thing called steeking.. eek.

  2. Hi Moggle,
    great stash and love your print o the waves. thats on my ‘to do ‘list too.
    I’ve also just started a blog. its good fun idnt it? except I’m still not sure how to use some of the functions!!!

  3. you are so good at fairisle moggle, you should give the HP jumper a go. Nice stash too.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys. The idea of steeking is scary but I am going to join Diane’s steek-a-long and hope that sorts me out.

    Pinkarwen, I am still searching for a picture of Neville’s sweater so I can remind myself what the pattern was. Once I see it, I’m going to try and chart it. 🙂

  5. OMG, I can’t believe you have been knitting for less than a year! How did you acquire your skills so quickly? I am so jealous. This stole is on my to-do-list but I am totally lacking the confidence. Was it your first?

  6. […] long after I started this blog back in August last year I posted a picture of my mini stash. Now I seem to have a fully-fledged […]

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