Posted by: Moggle | August 16, 2007

Designing and knitting for your shape

I’m a big fan of Trinny and Susannah. A lot of their ‘rules’ you can’t really argue with. I highly recommend their pocket-sized book of the rules although a lot of them are covered on their web site. There is some good colour advice on the site too – taken from this book.

Recommended jumpers and tops for my curvy figure are wraps, deep v necks, and scoop necks – basically anything that shows a bit of cleavage. Fine knits are preferred.

Take a look through the latest Rowan Magazine or even Interweave and how many deep v’s and scoop necks do you see? Not many! I have found it really hard to find patterns that I both like and won’t make me look hideous.

So I’ve started having a go at designing a few sweaters myself. I guess I’m aiming for somewhere between Stefanie Japel and Eunny Jang. I like Stefanie’s designs, but few of them would suit me. Eunny’s designs continue to amaze me and I am really interested to see what she does with interweave. I like how she takes traditional knitting ideas (like colourwork) and makes them more modern. I also seem to have got a bit of a button obsession – particularly Earthenwood Studio buttons.

buttons 2


I keep trying to come up with ideas of garments to use these buttons on.

So watch this space and cross your fingers for me and you will hopefully see a Moggle pattern very soon!

Get Knitted (and a few other places) now have the new Sublime colours on their site. I got it wrong though about the teal. What looked like teal on knittingfever’s site is actually a mid-blue! Love the beetroot though.

Pixie has recieved her yarn for Autumn Rose and I eagerly await her swatch.

I phoned Jamieson’s yesterday and they say it will be 2-3 weeks for the books to come in to stock. I guess they will hit retailers soon after that.

There is now an In love with Autumn Rose knit-along.

The Baby Argyle Slipover pictured a few days ago was very well received by my colleage. Her mum is a knitter so she understood the effort. I will be making more knits for her little one 🙂



  1. Those buttons are wonderful!

  2. I love the buttons. And I WILL resist clicking that link…I WILL….(well, one small peek can’t hurt)

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