Posted by: Moggle | August 19, 2007

Not knitting but wool related

I don’t have a lot that is knitting related to say today because I spent most of the weekend either drinking (G&T, yum!), eating delicious Thai food (green curry and rice) to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday, and then cleaning and tidying my flat ready for my parent’s visit tomorrow.

I did want to share this little gem that I picked up in a local Oxfam a few weeks ago.

EF merino cardi

It’s that lovely extra-fine merino that you pay £4 or £5 a ball for. I got it for £8. You couldn’t knit it for that money (unless it was acrylic!). It’s so lovely to wear. It has one or two little pulls and a little bit of pilling, but overall it’s in great nick so I’m well chuffed. It’s quite useful at the moment while the weather is so chilly.

Late last week another yarn order arrived – more Tess Dawson yarns.

TD yarn

The baby alpaca really is as lovely as other people have said. The aran is destined to be a cabled scarf and hat set, the 4 ply alpaca is going to be a shrug, and the brown merino will be a hat. It’s a really lovely chocolate brown too.

A little bit of the brown is going to be my efforts in Diane’s steek-along. Hopefully once I’ve done a practice steek I won’t be so intimidated. There is video of someone cutting their Autumn Rose here and it’s a bit scary.

I’m off at silly-o-clock to pick my parents up from the airport, and I hope to get some or even all of my Argosy finished on the way and while waiting. I haven’t seen them in two and a half years so it’s going to be a big reunion.



  1. Ohh that cardi is a bargain! Great find. 🙂

    Love Tess’s yarn. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Have fun with the folks 🙂

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