Posted by: Moggle | September 2, 2007

Finally a FO!

You’ve seen the finished Argosy pre-blocking, but now here it is in all it’s blocked cashmere-y, silky glory.


It was really fun to knit.

Pattern: Argosy from Knitty

Yarn: Sublime cashmere merino silk DK in colour 07 smoke blue – 2 balls

Needles: 3.75mm bamboo

No mods to the pattern. I’ll find my tape measure later and add the finished dimensions.




I hope my Nan likes it.

I have made a couple of additions to the stash lately.


The pink mohair and the blue/grey/cream pure wool were gifts from Mum from Australia. Not sure what I will do with them yet. The blue stuff is 14 sts on 6.5mm needles, and there is 72m per ball. It’s a single ply so I wonder if it would felt. Could be a bag perhaps?

I decided I needed an extra ball of RYC wool/silk. I have one ball already but the yardage isn’t great so I bought this second ball to make sure I could get a hat done. It’s really gorgeous and I want to knit something with it. They had the purple on the shelf which is a fab colour too.


I also finally caved in (on a different day) and bought 2 balls of kidsilk haze. I fondle this every time I go in to a shop that stocks it. I dithered for about 20 minutes about what colour to buy, as my walking distance LYS only has half the colour range. The pale pink and the pinky-purple (dewberry?) were tempting, but I decided this blue-green would tone in with the browns and blues I often wear, as well as a teal which I intend to make a cardi or jumper in at some point.


Not sure yet if this will be a Wisp from Knitty, something from VLT which my library has on order for me, or if I will make a pattern up for it.



  1. The Argosy is gorgeous – and cashmere — I wish blogs let you touch stuff!!!!

    I love Kidsilk Haze. But be prepared to try a couple of different needles to find one that works for you with that yarn. I hated it when I started, but swapped needles (twice) and when I got the needles right for me I loved it.

  2. Nice scarf! And I like that greenish/blue shade of the kidsilk, that’ll make a nice somethingorother.

  3. The Argosy is gorgeous! Wow!

  4. Argosy is beautiful, I’m sure your nan will love it!!Very tempted to start one cashmere too!!!Lovely yarsn, especially the grey and blues

  5. Recognise the vena and sean sheep yarns from australia. I’ll be interested to see what you do with them moggle, I’m sure you’ll make something lovely.

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