Posted by: Moggle | September 4, 2007

Making progress and good news

I had some good news today, Kerrie of Magknits has accepted one of my jumper designs to be published in a future edition! Hurrah!

I still have a very long way to go with it – still need to get the yarn, and I need to come up with a pattern. Obviously I’m very excited.

I’ve also made some progress on another design. I have finished the front on the pink jumper in Tess Dawson merino. I’m really glad to have the front done it’s the most complicated part. The decreases on the deep wide v neck took me a while to get right. Sorry, no more details than this yet, you’ll have to wait till it’s finished! The yarn is really lovely.


Yesterday my library finally got in Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel. For some strange reason they were reluctant to order in US books so I sort of begged on my online request. There are some really great patterns in there. I am dying to try a top-down style because I hate seaming so much. When a sweater is done I just want it to be done, not spend another 2 days sewing it all up!

I really like the textured tunic (but I may modify slightly) from the cover and the airy wrap. I guess I’m just looking for now though as I have so much yarn and so many projects that I shouldn’t be buying for anything else until some of it is knitted. I’m ready to start my sister’s shrug as soon as she emails me her vital statistics.

Thought you might like to see some non-knitting FOs. Here is most of the jam I have made so far this summer.


For those of you who are thinking ‘why bother, I can get jam from the shop’, you really should try it. It tastes so different to shop-bought jam. No fillers in this lot, just fruit and sugar, with a little bit of pectin added to the strawberry. It’s quite easy to make too. Pictured here are raspberry (my favourite and the real reason I bother making jam); raspberry and redcurrant; currantberry (raspb, blackberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant); Redcurrant, crab apple and strawberry; plum jam. Some plum jelly is cooling as we speak and some cooked crab apples are dripping away through a sterilized tea towel.



  1. Congrats, that is great news! Which jumper is it?

  2. wow, congratulations on getting a design accepted!
    I make jam too, nothing beats home made raspberry jam 😀

  3. great news on the jumper!!
    My mouth is watering..mmmm

  4. Thanks guys for your congratulations. I’m so excited! I’m hoping the yarn arrives today and I can get started on the actual knitting very soon.

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