Posted by: Moggle | September 6, 2007

In love with Sublime yarn

This probably makes me a total saddo, but when I saw this parcel on the doorstep this evening my heart beat a bit faster!


It didn’t fail to meet my expectations. 12 balls of lovely squishy Sublime goodness. The same cashmere merino silk dk that I made the Argosy in, but in one of the lovely new autumn colours. It’s Beetroot, a dark bluey-red almost a burgundy. Yes it’s the colour of a good red wine.



I ordered a colour card too. It turns out that Get Knitted’s picture of the colour card is a bit washed out. What I originally thought was teal (on knittingfever) and then decided wasn’t, really IS a teal, hurrah! So in the interests of public service, here is my photo of the colour card (it’s not showing off – really!)


Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy, my camera has a bit of trouble focusing without flash sometimes. The colour on this photo of the card (bottom row second from left) is the truest, but none of these photos really get it. I’ll have to have another go tomorrow.

I’m banning myself from buying any more yarn (presents excepted of course) until I’ve got some of this stash knitted up.



  1. I love shade cards moggle, i would have ordered one too. I’m always flicking through mine like they’re a book. Love the beetrooty colour too.

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