Posted by: Moggle | September 8, 2007

I’m a yarn snob!

Part of my inspiration to re-learn knitting was about my concern over how my clothing is produced (sweatshop clothing etc) and what it’s made of. I did a lot of reading and looking at web sites for fairtrade clothing and organic clothing – particularly People Tree.

I was (and still am) concerned about the envronmental impact of my thrown away clothes after I and everyone else has finished with them. I don’t want to own a load of synthetic clothes that end up filling up landfill somewhere.

By knitting at least I know how the garment was produced. I also get to decide what fibres I use when I knit. I can choose to use natural fibres which will break down (or even compost) once they finally end up being binned.

I am a total sucker for cashmere and silk, but I also like the (supposed) eco-friendly fibres like bamboo, soysilk and hemp. My yarn snobbery doesn’t quite extend to cashmerino blends, I somehow kid myself that microfibre isn’t synthetic. I’d really like to try an organic cotton like the one Blue Sky Alpacas does, or one of the colour grown cottons.

I’ve got some Hempwol from Lanaknits in Canada, on it’s way to me. It’s probably being investigated by customs at this very second – it was posted around a month ago.

I like the colours in Rowan’s bamboo tape range, but refuse to pay the high price. Both Wendy Pure and Sirdar Simply Bamboo look pretty good, particularly the amethyst in the Pure. I also want to use Sirdar snuggly baby bamboo, perhaps in the browns/neutrals.

With all this in mind I thought I’d list some of the yarns I have loved using, and that I want to use.

Favourite yarns used so far:

  • Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK
  • Rowan Wool Cotton – lovely crisp feel to this yarn and a fantastic to knit with. Felts very easily though so beware (great for felted end joins though)
  • Jaeger Extra-Fine Merino – so lovely to knit with and the ‘granite’ colourway I used was so wintry and nice. I can’t wait to wear my hat. Hubby approved of this yarn.
  • Rowan 4-ply soft. Nice extra-fine merino again. Made a lovely endpaper mitt (must finish the second one)
  • Artesano alpaca

Yarn I have in stash that I’m dying to use.

  • Kidsilk Haze
  • RYC wool silk – I’m thinking about designing a tank in this, there’s some delicious new fall colours.

Yarn I’d really love to try

  • Sublime Angora Merino
  • Jo Sharp Alpaca kid lustre and Alpaca silk georgette
  • Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
  • Cascade Dolce (alpaca/silk/wool blend)
  • Lane Borgoesesia cashwool
  • Posh Yarn
  • Natural Dye Studio – I love the idea of plant dyes.
  • Sirdar Baby Bamboo

I got a load of knitting done on the back of the pink design today, but I’m going to have to frog some of it because I mis-read my pattern notes. Only 20 rows or so 😦

I might swatch with the burgundy sublime first to cheer myself up!



  1. you know I’m a yarn snob too!! You spend so mnay hours in the day knitting some gorgoeus items that it just makes sense to use only the best!

  2. I agree, why waste time and effort and money on something that will be scratchy and you won’t want to wear.

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