Posted by: Moggle | September 19, 2007

Scotland, whisky and sheep

Seeing these sheep wandering across the road and on the hills and moors of Islay was one of the highlights of my recent trip. We did a lot of car miles, from the south of England to Edinburgh, then Inverness and then Islay.


I nearly had a meltdown in Edinburgh when the B&B had lost my booking. We recovered and found somewhere else just down the road so all was okay.

Visited Hk Handknit which was a really great shop. I’d love to have it as my LYS. I admired their range of Felted Tweed with the Tangled Yoke cardigan in mind. Eyed up a red, 2 purples and a blue-green as possibilities. I didn’t buy anything there, and kind of regret that now. I wished I’d bought some bamboo DPNs.

We had a lovely if chilly day in Speyside, tasting some single malt whiskys and touring Glenfiddich distillery. I mentioned at one distillery that I wasn’t a great whisky drinker and the lady told me ‘you just haven’t found the right one yet!’ and proceeded to give me a taste of the Caol Ila 18 year old I mentioned in yesterday’s post. We also stayed at a fantastic B&B and ate at a pretty decent pub.

Day 4 we drove from Inverness past fort william and Ben Nevis in the rain to the Islay ferry. Spent a whirlwind day on Islay, touring Laphroaig (Highly recommended), and all but one of the other island distilleries. The scenery on Islay is beautiful.



Saw lots more sheep and on a back road near Port Charlotte we found Tormisdale Croft crafts where the owner has a lot of rare breed sheep and spins and sells fleeces and knits them in to jumpers.


At Tormisdale I finally bought some yarn (mum bought at several places along the way). I bought 2 balls of Jaimeson’s of Shetland ultra laceweight in natural white. It’s just under 400 m and I am still trying to work out what to make with it – some kind of scarf or stole.


As well as the sweater, I managed to get almost another repeat of my second endpaper mitt on the return ferry journey. Potentially got mum addicted to socks, she bought some Colinette and some Araucania. Also got a little bit of a swatch knitted of Sublime Angora Merino which is lovely, but probably not the best car knit though – it sheds a lot!




  1. Wow, what gorgeous sheep! That first picture looks like a movie set, such blue sky and white sheep ๐Ÿ™‚ How great to be able to visit there.

  2. Only one day for Islay? I hope you’ve already decided that you’ll have to come back ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s not knitting, but you might be interested in visiting the Islay Quilters at Islay House Square near Bridgend (unless you’ve been already and just haven’t mentioned it)

  3. what beautiful scenery!!! its breathtaking and looks so tranquil, sounds like you had a great time

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Armin, I did get to visit the Islay Quilters, in fact my mum is a big quilter and made a purchase! I loved the batik shop there too.

    The scenery on Islay is just gorgeous, I really need to go again (3rd time) and do some of the walking tracks.

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