Posted by: Moggle | September 26, 2007

Tess Dawson Crochet Designs part 2

Here’s the remainder of the projects in the book. There are a couple missing because my photos were too blurry. I’ll add them later.

My favourites from the second part are the Raspberry beret and the fingerless gloves.

ss850789-sm.JPG ss850790sm.JPG


I fancy doing the gloves in something like Rowan 4 ply soft – perhaps a stripy version. Colinette Jitterbug might look nice too.

Then we have shawls, shrugs, ponchos and accessories:

ss850772sm.JPG ss850773sm.JPG

ss850775sm.JPG ss850776sm.JPG

ss850779sm.JPG ss850784-sm.JPG

ss850791-sm.JPG ss850793sm.JPG

ss850794sm.JPG ss850795sm.JPG

Now I’d better see about getting some of these added to Ravelry!

Photos of my knitting tomorrow!



  1. OK how do we get the pattern for the lacy crochet shrug (where she’s reading the book)? I’d love to try and make that. I could tie it above my big ol’ pregnant belly so it’d fit LOL

  2. I belong to Ravelry & I await your posts!

    great job!

  3. Brambledoula, the book is available on amazon and from here:

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