Posted by: Moggle | September 30, 2007

New skills and swatching

Yesterday I learned how to wind a centre pull ball. I used the the technique shown on Knittinghelp and it was pretty easy. My balls/cakes didn’t end up all exactly the same shape but that’s fine. Mr Moggle helped by holding the skeins of Allhemp6 and we got them wound pretty quickly. I’ve still put in an order with him for a swift and eventually I’d like to have a ball winder.


I had a play around with some crochet stitches in the hemp. It really is like string, which is fine for the belt(s) I intend them to be. I’m not too sure where to get buckles from but I’ll have a look in local habedashery stores and departments.


I’ve also knitted a swatch in Cashmere Canapa. This is vying with the Hempwol for being my favourite of the Lanaknits yarns I have. It’s 60% cotton, 30% cashmere and 10% hemp and it’s really soft and lovely and drapes well. There are a few coarser strands of what must be hemp that stick out every now again, but that’s not really bothering me. The photo below is my un-blocked swatch with 4, 3.75, 3.25, then 4.5mm needles from top to bottom.


I’ve also been tidying up my ravelry account. After Glenna posted about the current episode of Stash and burn, I downloaded it and listened to it on the walk to and from work on Friday. They interview the creators of Ravelry and it’s quite enlightening. I wish I’d come up with the idea, but then it sounds like it is a lot of hard work too. I started out putting all the patterns I ever want in to my queue, and realised was a getting bit ridiculous when I got to a queue of about 40! So I moved a lot of things over to favourites and have tried to keep queue for things I have yarn for or seriously want to make. Even Autumn Rose is relegated to favourites until I buy yarn.

My queue would be even longer if I put on my design ideas. Looking at Tess’ book has reminded me how much I like crocheted fine mohair yarns such as Kidsilk Haze and Sublime kid mohair. I have an idea rattling around in my head for a crocheted sleeveless mohair garment for layering in the autumn and spring. I wonder if I could get one out of my two balls of Kidsilk Haze? I now carry around a notebook with me for when ideas hit in the middle of the day. I followed a lady for 5 minutes the other morning trying to memorise the pattern of her long knitted coat/cardi. There were lots of dropped stitches used as part of the pattern.

The new job is going well. After having a freak out day on tuesday thinking I wasn’t going to get it, I relaxed and started to get it. I just hope I keep continuing to get it. No finished endpapers yet, but I will be working on them again at lunch times this week.



  1. That’s a lovely selection of colours! I’ve got a few skeins of the allhemp fingering and the hemp-wool in DK, just waiting to be used, and I look forward to it! Glad you enjoyed the Stash and Burn, they’re my faves. And I really appreciated the Ravelry interview, they’re working so hard for us knitters!

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