Posted by: Moggle | October 3, 2007

Out of the knitting closet

I ‘came out’ as a knitter today to my new colleagues. I went a week and a half without mentioning it. A couple of people have seen me knitting in the staff room, but they’re not people from the team I work for, probably not even the same floor.

I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about my knitting, I’ve just had a couple of comments at my old job, and I wanted to give my new colleagues a little time to get to know me before (potentially) labelling me as ‘that weird knitting freak’. Anyway no-one looked the slightest bit startled. Someone has a sister who is a big knitter and goes to a stitch and bitch, someone else said she can only knit scarves, and someone else said they wished they could knit. I said I’d teach her if she wanted! Apparently someone in the next office knits in their lunch hour, I’ll have to look out for her.

I went to pick up a parcel from the delivery office at lunch time. It was my 3mm clover bamboo dpns, hurrah! Recorded delivery for £1.50, pretty good I think. Thanks Cucumberpatch!



I like bamboo much better than metal, and dpns clink together really badly. My 3mm set are also 20cm long which are just a bit too awkward for the endpaper mitts, and probably for socks too. This lot are only 4cm shorter, that’s not even 2 inches, but I think it will make all the difference. I have plans for at least one more set of endpapers so I’m sure these will get plenty of use.


The crochet belt is coming along nicely. It’s 200+ stitches for each row though so it takes forever to get each row done.


I came up with two new pattern ideas today on my walk to work. Who knew the Presidents of the USA could be so inspiring?? Must go and write those ideas down before I forget.



  1. I also prefer the bamboo to the metal needles. Something about the metal ones makes me clench my teeth when I am working with them.

    The extra cost seems worth it.

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