Posted by: Moggle | October 7, 2007

Which came first the knitting or the crochet?

My ‘knitiversary’ is on the 20th of this month. I had to look back at some emails from last year to work it out. I also found out that I re-learned to knit one weekend, and then I learned to crochet the following weekend. I had thought the crochet came first. I don’t think I’ll mark a seperate occasion for the crochet. I will be reviewing some of my FOs from the first year of my knitting over the next few weeks. Most of those haven’t made it on to here yet of course because this blog is only a couple of months old.

I am more in to knitting and crochet now than I was after the first few months. I have had plenty of other hobbies before but the interest seems to wear off after a few months. I was really in to watercolour painting a few years ago and even did a course, but I found it hard to make the time to do it when there was so much setup involved. I also got in to beading mid last year but it turned out to be a very expensive hobby.

I suppose learning new techniques has helped keep me interested. I’ve tended to pick projects that are slightly challenging and then learn when I get to the bits I don’t know. I had never done a YO, beaded knitting or done a ssk when I started an Odessa for my sister back in january, but I looked it all up on the internet as I went along. Same for my Endpaper Mitts – I just looked for a tubular cast on tutorial on the net and started knitting.

All the patterns I want to do and all the yarns I want to use keep my interest up too!

I consider myself a knitter rather than a crocheter, and I have definitely done more knitted items than crochet, but I’m getting more interested in the crochet again.

I kind of fell in love with this cardigan recently from the Art of Crochet.


Fine mohair like that looks so nice in crochet (it’s K1C2 Douceur Et Soie) It’s a fantastic colour too! I wonder if Tess Dawson lace mohair would work for this?

It would be a great cardi for my new office too which is chilly in the morning and then roasting in the afternoon! Well at least it isn’t sub-arctic the whole day like my old office.

I still have not a lot of knitting to show. I did do a few rows of endpapers with the new bamboo needles. They are fab!



  1. that cardi looks stunning, sadly I can’t crochet, but one day, I will learn 🙂

  2. Ohh that is a stunning cardi. And I can crochet too… *pops off for a gander*

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