Posted by: Moggle | October 27, 2007

Swatch and learn…

This week I have been mostly swatching! It was great to finish the pink jumper. I also finished the crochet belt, at least the crocheting. I now have to get a buckle for it.

With those out of the way, and a renewed interest in crochet, I’ve been doing some swatching.

This is the one I like the most.


It’s in Sublime Cashmere silk merino. I don’t know what the stitch pattern is called, I just found the instructions somewhere on the net. It reminds me of the turtles you see sometimes in Aboriginal art – a bit like the ones on this t-shirt.


I’m going to try to turn it in to a shrug or a cardi pattern. The sublime feels really nice to crochet with, although you have to be careful it doesn’t split.

I also did another swatch in hemp. This is destined to be another belt. I’m going to have to make a start on this soon or it will be too late to submit the pattern. The hemp is a little stiff to crochet with, but it’s okay and I like the resulting fabric.


I counted the leftover wool from the pink jumper and it took less than 5 balls. I’m pleased about that, it will mean that the yarn for most sizes will cost less than £15. Can you buy a wool jumper for that? I don’t knit because it’s cheaper, but it’s nice on the rare occasions that it is.

With the leftover wool I decided to make a crochet scarf. The plan is for a basic stitch pattern over most of it, with some more complicated openwork at either end. I’m following written instructions for this, but I’m going to convert it in to a chart.


I think I understand now why a lot of people say crochet is hard. It’s crocheting in to the chain to start with that is so difficult. I’m hardly an expert, but it’s still my least favourite part of the process and I still find it difficult. I can imagine a lot of people giving up at that point.

I have made good progress on the drops shrug. I knit the sleeve in the round rather than flat like the pattern. I have now reached the under arm, and have split for the body and I’m knitting flat on my circs. Then I’ll join up at the other underarm and continue on circs.


This photo shows the colour fairly correctly, unlike some of my other photos of this yarn. This project is currently my work/travel knit.

A few more projects are calling my name at the moment. I am thinking about doing Ysolda’s Urchin in the sean sheep that mum brought me as a present. I also found Turtlegirl’s Cherie Amour through Ravelry this week I put it in my queue. I was at my LYS this morning and they have some cashmerino superchunky on offer that would work for this.


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