Posted by: Moggle | October 29, 2007

First year review part 2

Some of my early knitting FOs were late christmas presents.

I made an odessa for my sister.


The odessa was a fun pattern and it was flying by the seat of my pants knitting for me at the time. I’d only ever knit one other item in the round, it had changes of needles and a pattern that scared me a bit. I was looking up how to do yarn overs and ssk decreases online as I went along!

A scarf for my brother-in-law in Artesano inca cloud.


The alpaca scarf was great fun to make. I crammed something like 150 or so stitches on to one normal length 6mm needle, knitted the yarn double, and squished and slid the stitches a lot. It was all garter stitch and I really like how garter stitch looks when you change colours. I must make one of these for myself at some stage. It took most of 3 balls to make.

I then went on to make a hat to match the scarf for his birthday in February.

A scarf for my dad in his Australian Rules football team colours.


This scarf was a different story. It followed a berocco pattern, but I used 4 ply instead of the aran weight called for by the pattern. All that fine garter stitch with 2 colour changes per row did my head in and I kept avoiding this project until I made myself finish it some time around march/april. As you can see most of my colour changes weren’t great. Overall I’m still pretty happy with it though.

Also in February/March I made a hat for my grandad in Rowan wool cotton. I didn’t follow a pattern just worked out how many stitches to cast on and did 1×1 rib for the edge of the hat and 2×2 for the body. I love wool/cotton and I’ve since made lots of other things with it. This hat took just over one ball I think.


For Mother’s day I made my mum a stripey beret with some leftover yarns. This beret was a cocktail of wool cotton, debbie bliss merino, Rowan tapestry (grey), and rowan pure wool DK. I used Wendy Bernard‘s purled beret pattern, but left it knit side out.


The colour combination might seem a bit odd, but it suits my mum who likes bright colours.

…back in the present day, I am accomplishing two things at once by making my crochet scarf design in to a present for my Gran’s birthday (not the one who turns 80 next week, the other one). I bought some Artesano Inca Cloud on the weekend and it is coming along nicely. I was originally going to get pale pink, but the LYS only had one ball left of that so I got lilac instead. I think I like this colour more now.


This is the main portion in triple crochet. I have converted the lacy part from written in to a chart, and now I need to see if I can do it in a graphics program to make it look pretty.



  1. Erk, St Kilda! Can’t be having that 😉

    Love the beret – the colours look fab together. And I’m a big fan of wool cotton too – just haven’t knitted anything with it… I will someday 🙂

  2. I love your odessa hat – so pretty!

  3. i have odessa in my list, beads already on the yarn ready to knit….still haven’t cast on yet but you’re is lovely….lots of lovely knits 🙂

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