Posted by: Moggle | November 14, 2007

My new best friends

Are Jo Sharp Yarns.

A couple of weeks ago they sent me some balls of their yarns for swatching for future designs and they sent me ALL their sample cards.

They seemed to come on the slow boat from Australia, but they did get here in the end!


That isn’t all the shade cards – just my favourite yarns from the bunch.

They yarns they sent were silkroad aran, silkroad tweed DK, and alpaca kid lustre. They’re all great but the alpaca kid lustre is fantastic – woolly, fluffy AND hairy all in the one yarn – it’s 30% alpaca, 40% mohair and 30% merino. I am swatching with it for lace as I think that will make the most of the fluffiness! It comes in fantastically rich colours too.


This is the Vintage colour – it’s come across a bit more pink in the photo rather than the wine colour it is in real life.



The Silkroad aran and silkroad tweed are gorgeous too!

I am still plodding on with the alpaca scarf. It was a pretty slow weekend for knitting as there seemed to be a lot of other things happening.

I am nearly back to the half way point so I will block soon and hopefully show you where I’m at with it later this week.


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