Posted by: Moggle | November 21, 2007

I + OH = KWS

Or Ikea plus Other Half (DIY done by Mr Moggle) equals Knitting WorkStation

My knitting kit has been slowly taking over our one bedroom flat. The stash, the projects the in between stuff that isn’t quite projects or stash, the books etc etc.

On Sunday Mr Moggle and I were at the nearest Ikea and I checked out their range of storage.

Their Trofast storage for kids looked tough and colourful but was more expensive. So instead we came away with this:


Which when assembled and filled becomes this:


Lots of storage for my stash, projects and accessories. Okay not all of the stash is there but most of it. And there’s not much room for me to add any more!


There’s also space for swatches, for designs, for needles and other tools, and the top drawer is for WIPs. Not quite sure where books will go yet, probably some in the drawers and some on the bookshelf.

I love it, now everything is to hand and I don’t have to rummage through half the house to find the bits I’m looking for.

I figure with the money I saved by not buying the trofast, I can get more yarn! (Or some Knitpicks Options from GetKnitted!)



  1. I love IKea – they have great storage solutions. And I totally agree – now you can buy more yarn!

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