Posted by: Moggle | November 28, 2007

Set adrift on fibre-y bliss

Yesterday was a good day! In the afternoon I bought the yarn for the Tangled Yoke cardigan from Interweave Fall 07. (or here on ravelry)

I considered Whisper (teally blue) and Sigh (mid-purple) – see the shade card to see the colours I’m talking about.

But Rage got the nod of approval from Mr Moggle:



The colour in the first photo is more true to life.

I also bought some more 4 ply soft for another pair of endpaper mitts. I’m going to get the colour balance right this time and use the paler colour as the ribbing and background, and the darker colour as the contrast.

ss851006.jpg ss851005.jpg
I also got some scrummy Colinette Parisienne to give as a christmas present. I’m quite tempted to keep it though!


I also got a fab belt buckle!

I’ve continued to make good progress on the shrug, which is now too big for work knitting. I decided to start a Beaufort hat in RYC wool silk. In to the lace section now, but this is what it looked like last night.


The wool silk is gorgeous and is so deliciously soft.



  1. I was looking at Rage for a Tangled Yoke too!! It’s gorgeous. Love all the other yarn too. You have been busy! 🙂

  2. That’s a glorious colour of Felted Tweed. I’ve a couple of balls sitting here in the stash and no idea what to do with it yet. =D

  3. Sorry, that was me up there. *logs out of unused WP account* Heh.

    *pets your Felted Tweed*

  4. i am so looking forward to your tangled yoke, beautiful colour. I bought the muench sir in tea colour and tempted to start 🙂

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