Posted by: Moggle | December 9, 2007

Boycotting christmas knitting

A Christmas card to my blog readers:


In fact, here have two!


Made by my little sister’s fair hands. Aren’t they gorgeous?

It seems that a good portion of the knitting blogs I’ve been reading are full of people panicking about christmas knitting. Well consider this blog a christmas gift knitting free zone! After knitting on Christmas morning last year and less than enthusiastic reaction from my family I’ve decided not to do it this year. I knitted a lot for birthdays this year, but I’ve usually finished things too late for the actual day and I have not been really sure how people really have felt about the item they’ve been given.

I have too many projects I want to do and designs/patterns to be working on so no more gift knitting – selfish knitting from here on in!

Most of what I’ve been knitting lately is unbloggable. Lots of sample garment knitting and pattern writing and calculations. So I don’t really have much to write about for now. Beaufort the third is progressing nicely and is a good company for lunch time and movie/telly knitting. I think I’m nearly ready to cast on for either Tangled Yoke or Thermal and can’t decide which one to do first.

But for now it’s back to writing christmas cards.



  1. You’re not alone, I don’t do Christmas knitting either. December brings enough stress as it is, and knitting is supposed to be fun. Nothing wrong with being a bit selfish now and then. Enjoy!

  2. I’m in agreement here. I’m never sure how people will take knitted gifts. our neighbour was 40 recently so I said to OH I’d knit her some socks from my own hand dyed yarn. he laughed, thought I was joking!.If people ask me to knit them something I oblige, other than that its for me!!! Enjoy some ‘selfish’ knitting

  3. I’m with you too!

    Why are knitters expected to make gifts for all and sundry?? – other hobbies don’t get this pressure to spend their time and talents on others…

    Do model aircraft enthusiasts make little planes for their friends??? 🙂

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