Posted by: Moggle | January 11, 2008

Not a complete yarn snob after all

One thing my trip to Get Knitted did was make me realise that along with the luxury yarns, I do like to have access to some basics – like 4 ply, dk and aran pure wool that are sensibly priced. And by sensibly priced I mean less than £3 per 50g ball and preferably closer to £2. In the UK, finding a ball of pure wool that costs less than a pint of beer is not easy.

My semi-LYS (9 miles) Does have a nice stock of King Cole Merino DK. I have 4 balls of this in stash ready to knit a red light special (ravelry link) hat. I’m haven’t knit with that yet so I’m not sure how it will wear.

Tess Dawson merino is great value (especially the 4-ply) at £2.50 but the colour selection is limited although the colours they do have are nice.

I’m hoping that Scandinavian Knitting Design might fill the gap somewhat as they have a bigger selection of colours. I have some of the Drops Eskimo chunky weight yarn that they sell on order for a Cherie Amour (ravelry link). I also want to try their Karisma and Alaska yarns, both of which are under £2. My order is due to be sent as soon as there are stocks of the colour I want in the country.

This new realisation didn’t stop me from ordering more luxury yarn. I finally ordered another yarn I’d wanted to try for a long time – yarn from the Natural Dye studio. I ordered some of their Chi yarn which is 80% merino and 20% bamboo. It’s lovely and arrived two days after ordering.


I also ordered some more sea wool from Knitty Noddy for a clapotis and decided to throw in a skein of their Suri Blue in Raspberry. Evelyn from Knitty Noddy was so helpful and really provides great customer service. She has a great range of handmaiden and fleece artist and you can even make special orders of the yarns in whatever colourway you want.

I think I may have a fleece artist addiction.



  1. I love that yarn! It’s gorgeous. The colours are fabulous.

  2. Lol…glad I’m not the only one who loves a bargain.

  3. Ooooohhhh that is pretty, pretty yarn.

    In the UK, finding a ball of pure wool that costs less than a pint of beer is not easy.

    Here either. Hmmph.

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