Posted by: Moggle | January 23, 2008

Look ma no throwing!

Part c of my knitting resolutions is now achieved.

This was the one about experimenting with continental style knitting to see if I can speed up. I can’t claim to be much faster but I feel like all I need now is practice, then the speed will come.

I already had no problems with continental knit stitch, but purl stitch just looked too complicated.

Now thanks to (again) I can do the norwegian purl, which looks very complicated, but I found quite easy I got my head around it and actually did it.
So I can now knit and purl by picking with the yarn in the back. At first glance at my swatch my tension doesn’t seem to be all that different. I did notice that because the yarn is being handled a little more the Sublime CSM I used fluffed up a bit.

You’ll just have to take my word for it that this swatch was done contintental/combined.


I think I need to find a hat or some other simple pattern to practice on.



  1. Thanks Moggle! Your swatch does look even, well done for teaching yourself continental style, it looks quite difficult!

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