Posted by: Moggle | January 26, 2008

More Fleece Artist

Finally some Raspberry fleece artist is mine!!

My order from Knitty Noddy arrived on Friday afternoon. It consisted of:

Suri Blue in Raspberry which is a laceweight 50% suri alpaca (supposedly softer than the normal alpaca) and 50% Blue Faced Leicester blend. It’s lovely and soft and best of all is that gorgeous pink. I almost want to eat it.


I love this colour, and I want to have it in all of fleece artist and handmaiden’s yarns – especially some sea silk and mini maiden. The suri blue is going to be something from VLT, I will have a flick through tonight to see what patterns take 600 yards.

I also got more sea wool – 2 skeins of capri. I am going to make a Clapotis with it.


I went for ‘economy’ post from the US and it only took 2 weeks to get here. Not bad for US$10 or £5! Knitty Knoddy have a great selection of fleece artist yarns, and I reccomend them for the colourways that your local or semi-local shops may not stock.

I cast on for Cherie Amour a few days ago with my Garnstudio Eskimo that arrived.


I really thought I was ordering the same weight yarn as used in the pattern, but I’ve since realised eskimo is a superchunky not a chunky. My guage is a bit off! I have the first few inches of the blocked jumper around me here – it’s just huge.


I’m going to have to use smaller needles – perhaps 8mm instead of 9mm – and I may try to make the smallest size and adjust the waist ribbing a bit. On the plus side I am loving how the lace pattern is working up.


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