Posted by: Moggle | March 5, 2008

Silver lining

I’m not feeling very well at the moment. I have an infection on my leg and I’ve been perscribed a huge dose of antibiotics to clear it.

At least it’s a fibrecraft-friendly illness. The infection is making me feel quite tired and grotty, but I can still manage to spend a bit of time sitting on the sofa knitting or crocheting.

I’ve finished the secret project and I think I can reveal it soon – I’m going to put up a proper photo as soon as it’s blocked and I feel well enough to take some photos.

I also decided to frog the globe trotter socks because the pattern wasn’t making sense to me. I’ve now cast on for the hedgerow socks. These are written for a woman’s size, but I’m making them on 2.5mm dpns to make them large enough to fit Mr M. I hope it works. I’ve only done the ribbing so far and I’ll check that they’re wide enough soon.

I’ve also had time to flick through my spring interweave knits that arrived via PM Woolcraft. I’ve read on several forums that your first issue direct from Interweave takes ages, so I went with the local distributor. I had to wait several weeks longer than direct subscribers in the UK, but at least I got it. I also got a quick response to my email when I asked when I could expect my copy.

I wasn’t too sure I liked much when I saw the preview, but on closer inspection I like quite a few things:

printed-silk-cardigan.jpg katharine-vest.jpg

auburn-camp-shirt.jpg bleeding-hearts-stole.jpg

Printed silk cardigan, Katherine vest (Eunny Jang), Auburn camp shirt, Bleeding hearts stole.

Now I’m waiting for the spring Knitty to be available.



  1. I’ve been checking knitty approximately every 5 minutes to see if the new one is up!! Ack!

  2. Hope you feel better! I guess the only good thing is you’re still able to craft!

  3. Hope you soon feel better. at least you can still knit!
    I love the Holly jacket from IK. alot of the others are for slim young things, which I am not!!!

  4. Empathy for the evil antibiotics – they really knock you about. I had some recently and managed an entire jumper on them!! 🙂 not all bad huh?

  5. How frustrating. Hope you feel better soon.

    I really like a few of the patterns in the new IK.

  6. Ooooh can’t wait to see photos of the secret project 🙂 will keep checking back!

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