Posted by: Moggle | March 13, 2008

The big reveal

Allow me to introduce the Marakoopa stole (working title)


Pattern: My own – to be available eventually

Yarn: Artesano Alpaca 4 ply

Hook: 4mm

Marakoopa is the name of a cave in Mersey Valley of Tasmania, the region my paternal grandfather was born and grew up in. It was the diamond pattern that suggested I name the stole after a cave. Family legend says that one of our ancestors discovered this cave by falling in a hole when out hunting game. Internet research also suggests that Marakoopa is an aboriginal word meaning beautiful.

The alpaca is lovely to work with. I’m still totally in love with Artesano’s yarns.



  1. It looks lovely! The colour is fantastic too.

  2. I agree it’s fab and that blue really suits you 😀

  3. It looks beautiful! Congrats on such a pretty design.

  4. wow thats stunning!!!

  5. This is so lovely! I would love to make it – really beautiful. Hope to see you at knitting again soon! Lara x

  6. […] of Artesano Yarns. I spied it on sale today on the Woolly Workshop web site. The specs are on the post I made on the FO back in March. I’ve also added it as a pattern on […]

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