Posted by: Moggle | March 15, 2008

What not to knit in a pub

I went to a knitting group for the first time this week. It was great to meet people and feel instantly accepted and like I didn’t have to explain my ‘weird’ hobby. One person was knitting a minimilist cardigan, another was wearing a ysolda hat (i stared at the wearer a bit too long trying to work that out – oops!) and when I said I was knitting branching out I didn’t have to explain what that was.

It was awesome! Apart from the fact that branching out in black wool was totally the wrong thing to be knitting in the pub in the evening. I managed to do quite a bit before I buggered it up totally and it was easily fixed the next day. But next time I go I will be taking something a lot easier to see and do.

That is probably going to be the two tone shrug from Fitted Knits.


I already have enough Jo Sharp silkroad aran tweed to do the main part of the shrug, and I decided to order some Kathmandu aran tweed from Yarn and Fibre company for the contrast ribbed border.

I also wanted some Silky Wool for a honeycomb vest from the new Knitty, and to qualify for free shipping I added a few extras and got a bit carried away. I ended up also ordering a skein of Alpaca with a twist Fino (laceweight alpaca/silk) and enough Harrisville new england shetland to make an ivy league vest.

I participated in a little swap this week. I had some merino aran left from the shrug I made for my sister, and swapped it for some cashmerino aran with Gwenhwyfar from a forum I read and post on. I’m very pleased with the colour – a stone/beige.


I’ve worked a lot on my second Treenah in the last few days. I’m on the lattice in the first half, but nearly finished. After that it’s nice simple treble crochet for 16 inches or so.


I’m nearly finished Branching out too. Perhaps March is going to be a much better month for FOs.



  1. Glad you enjoyed your first knitting get together, but yes , lace isnt a good idea in company as i’ve discovered. thanks for the link to the yarn and fiber co. some yummy stuff there.

  2. I like the shrug — I’ll have to show it to my goddaughter as I think she might like one.

    And I missed the stole when you posted it (I suspect I was sobbing over the holey Babette) — it is gorgeous!!!

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