Posted by: Moggle | April 5, 2008

It’s good to have Options

The pretty coloured ones with mega-flexible cables that is!

Prettier in person than they look on the Knitpicks and Get Knitted site.

I ordered these from Get Knitted last weekend and they arrived on Wednesday night. I ordered the full set of wooden ones (Harmony) with 4 cables and 9 sets of tips. I also ordered the cable tags (for if you borrow the tips for another project), two metal circs in 2.5mm and 2.75mm to try magic loop socks, and some stitch markers. Just the boring clover ones, but I’ve never bothered to buy proper stitch markers before.

I love them

You can see I’ve already got the second Hedgerow sock on the metal circ. I’ve only done a couple of rows so I’m not really sure if I prefer it.

Magic loop socks on knitpicks circular

I was pleased with how the first sock came out. They look pretty good on Mr Moggle.

I’m a little bit sick of looking at this manly grey, but I want to do another pair in this pattern for me eventually, perhaps in pink!

I’m halfway through the second sleeve of Cherie amour and I’m determined to finish it this weekend.



  1. Oooh, Harmony Wood. Aren’t they gorgeous?

  2. I’ve got the meatl ones and they’re o.k except they keep unscrewing!!

  3. ooh pretty needles! and those clover stitch markers are really useful, I’ve used them loads since I bought them

  4. Egads – I’m so behind in blogs! I totally missed your pattern publication. A belated CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so impressed. Brilliant.

    And the needles look lovely. I look forward to reading what you think of them after a bit of use.

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