Posted by: Moggle | April 14, 2008

A Treenah of my own

I sent the original Treenah off to my Grandmother in Australia.

I’ve been working on one for myself on and off since around December. I finally finished it a bit over a week ago and I took a photo this weekend:

Yarn: Tess Dawson Merino 4 Ply

Hook: 3.5mm

Mods: I chained 51 to add an extra pattern repeat

My two-tone shrug is coming along nicely. I have one and a half sleeves done.

And I made some good progress this weekend on a design of my own, which currently looks like this:

I also walked 17 miles. Not a bad weekend!



  1. Sounds like a busy weekend!

    Love the Treenah. 🙂

  2. Love the delicate stitching of the Treenah!!

  3. treenah looks lovely.

  4. Ooh, purty Treenah 2! Very nice. I realized sometime last week that I forgot completely to add fringe to mine. I’m debating whether to save the extra yarn for another project, or to add the fringe now….I really like the way yours looks. (plus, your lattice pattern is somehow much neater and crisper than mine. I really am a crochet numpty, I swear!)

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