Posted by: Moggle | May 2, 2008

Extreme crochet in the Tasmanian wilds

Just a quick update while I’m on my holiday.

Mr M and I are having a fabulous time and I had a great reunion with my younger sister who I hadn’t seen in seven and a half years.

We have done a bit of walking, been on a boat trip and eaten lots of lovely food. The weather has been a bit chilly with it heading in to winter over here, but mostly it has been good.

My stole is coming along well. I worked on it a little while waiting for the barbie to be finished at Mount Field National Park.

Before lunch we’d walked to this beautiful waterfall

On the boat trip (a different day) we saw these fantastic cliffs as well as loads of wildlife including seals

Today we walked 6km but climbed around 600m (1800 feet) in elevation. I think I need to have a sleep now.



  1. Yarn, hiking, sleep after a good day’s climb – perfect! Add in some food and a glass of wine and that’s all you need.

  2. Looks like heaven!!!!

  3. very stunning views!

  4. Beautiful photos 🙂 stumbled across your blog enjoyed my visit ,Juliet

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