Posted by: Moggle | May 24, 2008

Introducing Acacia

Here is a better picture of the crochet scarf I designed and made on the flight home from Australia

Pattern: Acaicia (available soon)
Yarn: Jo Sharp DK
Hook: 4.5mm

The story of how the pattern came about is a bit long-winded, but here goes.

For our recent trip to Australia, Mr M and I decided to only take hand luggage. I really only had room for one crochet project but I comforted myself with the promise that if I managed to finish that one project I’d buy the wool for another.

I finished the travel project two days before we flew back to the UK, so I duly headed for the LYS to buy some wool for a scarf. During our stay, I’d borrowed an olive green jumper from my sister, and Mr M had admired the colour and said I looked good in it. So I chose green wool in a colour as close to the jumper as the shop had (a little blue-er but pretty close).

I mis-remembered the instructions for the stitch pattern I wanted to use but ended up liking the variation I’d done instead.

I started the scarf as the domestic flight to Sydney taxied to the runway. I finished it some 30 hours later as the bus home pulled on to the M25 out of Heathrow airport.

I’m calling it Acacia because the colour of the yarn reminds me of the many varieties of acacia trees I saw while in Australia, particularly the Tasmanian Blackwood trees.

I am writing up the pattern at the moment and I’ll be making it available for free here and on Ravelry soon.

Crochet=excellent long-haul flight boredom fighter. Yay for crochet!



  1. Glad you did the close-ups! Love the stitch pattern.

  2. Oh, pretty. Lovely without being frilly.

  3. That is sooo pretty!! I love that color!! I’d love to see the pattern when you get it all typed up.

    btw, I popped over here b/c this post was linked to one of mine.

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