Posted by: Moggle | May 29, 2008

Twist and shout

I am loving the spinning and between Monday and Wednesday I spun up the rest of the fibre I’d been given at the workshop in to singles and then plied it together.

My attempt to be a bit clever and get the yarn to sort-of stripe failed abysmally. As you can probably see in the photo below, some of it has a ply of each shade, some of it is all the lovely choccy brown and some is the natural white. I like the effect of the all brown best, but I like the two-shade too. It’s all in the one skein so I really don’t know how it will knit or crochet up!

It’s only a little 25g mini-skein and I have no idea what I’ll make with it. I’m getting around 13-14 wpi if I’m wrapping correctly so somewhere around a sportweight or light DK?

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I decided this morning I needed cheering up (found out my contract’s not being renewed in August and I’ve got to find a new job) and ordered some BFL, some alpaca, and a sample of BFL and silk, and Alpaca and wool from Wingham Woolwork. I hope it comes soon.

I feel a tiny bit bad about adding to my stash seeing I’m just starting to get it back to the same level it was before I had my start of year spendathon – it’s now closer to 5kg than 6. I just can’t bear to count yards considering all the laceweight and 4 ply I have!



  1. That’s looking really good! 🙂

  2. That looks great! Also can’t wait to see your next designs – I need to learn how to crochet properly so I can follow a pattern, then I could do some of your gorgeous designs.
    Look forward to seeing how you get on with the different fibres! I’m a bit disillusioned with my spinning as I can’t get away from park and draft, plus I don’t like the fibre I’m currently spinning so I’m not too enthusiastic about it!

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