Posted by: Moggle | June 12, 2008

Perfection found?

A little over two months ago I posted about two lace knitting dilemmas. Essentially what to do with my Fino, and what to make a Shetland Triangle shawl in.

I think I may have solved both of them.

My local library service seems to have woken up to the idea that it’s okay to order in knitting books. I was casually searching through their online catalogue a few weeks ago when I discovered that Sensual Knits was on order. I’ve pretty much decided to make the Cleopatra Wrap with my Fino (although juno regina from knitty is still tempting me). I picked up the book from the library today!

I also hit on the idea of making the shetland triangle from the BFL fibre which I had started spinning on the spindle. I’d made good progress (about 50g) and then I bought the wheel. I wasn’t too sure how the spindle spun and wheelspun would combine so I decided to leave the BFL as a single, and re-purpose it for a crochet project.

I’m still going to spin my own shetland triangle but have decided to use the merino/silk blend I bought at the same time as the wheel.

So far it is spinning up really nicely. I plied a little sample of it, and it came out looking like this:

It’s 16 wpi so it’s probably between a heavy laceweight and a 4 ply. I think that will be a good weight for a shetland triangle. I might even try making a 3-ply to bring it up to DK weight and make a biiiiiiig shawl.

I’ve been getting it finer by using my wheel on a lower ratio and by pre-drafting the roving in to little parcels like this.

I’m making good progress on my secret projects. I’m also on the heel flap of my hedgerow socks. I am finding them a bit tedious – they’re between a mindless project and a real challenge. I’m hoping that I’ve passed the ‘tipping point’ and I’ll really get on with them.



  1. The Cleopatra wrap looks gorgeous! I must go check out that book.

  2. Ohh that silk/merino looks absolutely scrummy! You know I don’t actually pre-draft, just split the roving and off I go. I think I tried pre-drafting when I first started spinning, wonder why I didn’t carry on.. Will have to have another go. 🙂

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