Posted by: Moggle | June 15, 2008

Not quite what I planned

Note: Mum, it’s very unlikely that you read my blog, but if you are, please close the browser and walk away from the PC now. Thank you for your co-operation.

Anyway, I thought I was ordering 200g lilac merino blended with white silk from Wingham Woolwork. I must not have been clear enough on the phone and I’ve now got 200g white merino blended with white silk and 200g lilac merino.

Oh well, 400g of fibre instead of 200, so can’t complain!. To get closer to the effect I wanted, I split the roving in to 50cm lengths, then took a length of purple, a length of white, and then split them in half. Holding a half of white and a half of purple together, I split them in half again from the centre of the piece. I ended up with 8 split lengths and then pushed them all back in to one length of roving.

My warning to Mum is because this fibre is going to turn in to yarn for her birthday present. So far I’ve got about half of the singles done.

I’m going to have to work quickly because Mum’s birthday is the end of this month and it takes at least a week to get to Australia by post.

I’ve turned the heel on my sock, and picked up stitches. I’m also progressing well on my secret projects.



  1. I love the mixing. It’s looking good. Got myself some hand carders over the weekend. Just need to play with them now!

  2. Colour me jealous! I can’t wait to have the means and skill to whip up yarn this fast. Your wheel, I covet it. 😉 (also the purple)

  3. You spinning people make me dizzy! Beautiful stuff!

  4. I love the way they look mixed together. Very pretty 🙂

  5. […] Sorry for all the secrecy. But I received a text message today to say that Mum’s birthday yarn had arrived […]

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