Posted by: Moggle | June 19, 2008

Past the tipping point

The grey man-socks are now at least 3/4 finished. I finished the shaping on the gusset yesterday and got some of the foot done at my knitting group last night. I have to find where I wrote down the measurement of Mr M’s foot so I can make the socks match. I’m hoping because I’m so close to finishing the socks that I just get on with them and get them finished.

Once they’re done I think I’m going to cast on with the pink fleece artist yarn to try to get my sock mojo back. Hedera is a consideration, but there are so many great sock patterns out there. Suggestions gratefully received – something easy but not too dull.

I finished spinning the rest of the purple merino. I’ll put pictures up when I’m sure it’s arrived safely. If you’re on Ravelry you can see the pictures here. My current spinning WIP is more of the green merino/silk. It’s spinning up beautifully. I’m just hoping it stays a consistent thickness from when I started to when I finish.

I need to borrow Wrap Style from the library so I can swatch using my little sample skein. I measured my little skein and I’m getting around 2.4 metres per gram. If I spin up the whole 200g that should give me roughly 500m, enough for the shawl.

My crochet cardi is done and I just have to get a button for it. Oh and write up the pattern!

I haven’t worked on the blue knitted cardi all week because I need to do some calculations for when to start the waist shaping.

I’m currently having the pattern for the Acacia scarf tested and it should be ready for release soon.



  1. That green looks gorgeous! Is it from Wingham? I think I have some like that in my stash – must dig it out πŸ™‚

  2. Oooh your spinning is absolutely gorgeous!
    How about Kai’s Lotus Lace socks? Or knittingpixie has quite a few sock patterns which are lovely.
    I’d definitely recommend the short row heel if you’re not into heel flaps πŸ™‚

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