Posted by: Moggle | July 4, 2008

June Reconciliation


Green Merino/silk handspun

Purple merino/silk handspun

BFL humbug handspun

Oatmeal BFL single ply

Crochet cardigan (pattern to follow)

New Projects:

Knitted hat

New yarn/fibre:


Alpaca fleece

Zwartbles fleece

Purple Merino

White Silk

Green merino/silk

BFL Humbug

White BFL

New tools:

Spinning Wheel

Dog combs as a cheapskate substitute for hand carders (they work well actually!)


Acacia – self published and available through Ravelry


Notice something different compared to the last few months???

There is actual knitting and crochet going on at Moggle Towers, I’m just at that awkward place where I’m in the middle of LOTS of projects. I’m also working on quite a few designs at the moment that have to be kept top secret until (hopefully) published.

There’s no escaping the fact that there is a lot of spinning happening (and fibre washing, and carding), but I’m planning on giving up housework, and possibly sleeping in order to get more yarncrafting done.



  1. Hi Moggle, you’ve been busy. I love all your spinning and hand spun yarns. zwartbles fleece sounds interesting. Is that the name of the farm it comes from or a make of animal?

  2. I love your site. Its very much like our site at you could also post with us if you are interested.


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