Posted by: Moggle | July 7, 2008

The return of the wave

This weekend I dragged my print o the wave back out of hibernation. Mainly out of stubbornness because I have some other lovely laceweight I want to use, and I know this will end up as a UFO if I don’t finish it now. I’ve already done another pattern repeat and I’m determined to work on it at least a couple of times a week.

I’ve FINALLY finished the Hedgerow socks and Mr M obligingly put them on straight away! It’s totally the wrong time of year for them (I was supposed to finish them while it was still winter), but I’m hoping they keep his feet toasty warm in the workshop and on-site in winter.

I’m making good progress on my secret knitting too.

Saturday I started participating in the Tour de Fleece, which has you spin every day of the Tour de France. I think I cheated a bit from the ‘rules’ by spinning on something I’d already started, but you can’t get too bogged down by these things can you? I spun an hour or so of the black/brown alpaca fleece both Saturday and yesterday. I’m slowly washing little batches of the fleece because I’m a bit too scared to do it all at once.

I also washed the grey zwartbles fleece on Saturday. Luckily it all fitted in my kitchen sink. It’s currently still drying on my front room floor. I took a couple of dry locks and flick combed them (I think) and spun up a little sample. It’s a little bit rougher than the BFL and merino, but a nice fleece to spin.



  1. The lace is looking lovely. I do know that boring stage where it’s a slog…but your strategy to make yourself to a bit each week will get you the end! Good luck!! šŸ™‚

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