Posted by: Moggle | July 18, 2008

Seeing Red

Now that I’m up to the complicated portion of my secret cardi, it’s no longer mindless knitting and I decided I needed something to fill the gap, and I’ve been dying to cast this on for ages:

It’s a tangled yoke cardi in felted tweed,  shade ‘rage’. I really love the yarn, and I already want to knit more things in this. I saw a scarf in a rowan magazine that combines it with KSH which looked quite nice.

I’m still going ok in the tour de fleece. I don’t seem to be doing the huge volumes that other people are spinning, but at least I’m spinning a little bit every day. I’m having a break from the alpaca and I’m spinning the BFL/angora I hand blended:

I ordered a couple of new bobbins from Kraft Mania through ebay and they arrived promptly. Now I can work on more than one yarn at a thme.

I saw a copy of my Marakoopa pattern in person on Wednesday night at knitting group. Liz bought the pattern and started a scarf version in red artesano 4 ply. It’s a gorgeous colour and it was quite exciting to see the ‘birth’ of the first known marakoopa WIP.

Last weekend I finally blocked the stole I made while on holiday back in April/May. I bought some plastic coated wire from the garden centre to thread along the side and I think it worked quite well as blocking wire. Now I just need to wait for a nice sunny day to get some photos.



  1. I’m about to start a tangled yoke too! I chose Herb in the end, although I did look at Rage – it’s a gorgeous colour.

  2. like the colour of your Tangled Yoke. and your pinning looks great

  3. I have to agree with Diane and Cinders that’s a lovely colour you are using for the Tangled Yoke. It’ll be gorgeous.

    ….and as for the sunny day….I hope you don’t have to wait too long but based on the summer so far I won’t be holding my breath!! 🙂

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