Posted by: Moggle | July 24, 2008

Caught by the fuzz

I finally finished the angora bfl blend. It spun up nicely with a bit of angora halo but not too much. It’s turned out a lot thicker than I hoped and only around 160m so not really enough for the scarf I wanted to make. I’m thinking about using it with the dark brown alpaca to add coloured stripes to the cardigan design that is taking shape in my mind. The alpaca is spinning up to be less than I first thought too!

I borrowed ‘A Fine Fleece’ from the library and I can immediately see why everyone is raving about this book. On the first run through the photos are absoloutely stunning. On second and later reads a few are actually a bit frustrating with no close ups of the hand-blended colours which I’d really like to see. There’s a belted cardi (le smoking), that’s styled beautifully, but photographed in such a way that you really have no chance to see what either cardi actually looks like.

There are at least two versions of each project – one in handspun, and one in a commercial yarn which means this book is not just limited to spinners.

Most of the projects are shapeless drop shouldered jumpers and cardigans, but there are a few fitted gems. I also think that it would be possible to put the cables in to a more fitted shape like a raglan. This cardi for example.

Other projects that I want to make out of the book are the gorgeous tilly scarf…

…saxony Socks (cables) and they cat’s eye scarf which is based on Shetland lace.

The Fylingdales (or is it flyingdales, there is some dispute on Ravelry) cardigan doesn’t look so great with loads of ease from the book photo, but there’s a really nice one on Ravelry which has made me want to make one.

I’m making good progress on the tangled yoke cardi, but nearly had a crisis. I forgot to swatch before I started! When I did remember, my tension is out quite a bit – 22 stitches instead of 24. I think I will be ok though, as a couple of extra inches in the hips won’t be a problem.  I’ve now changed to smaller needles after a couple of waist decreases to get the close fitting waist I want. Not sure if I’ll change back to larger needles after the waist or not. Photos soon!



  1. Phew! Good save on the Tangled Yoke!!!

  2. I just ordered that book and I want to knit the Flyingdales cardigan. I am hoping to use my own handspun.

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