Posted by: Moggle | July 27, 2008

Another new toy

I’m going to have to change my blog name to ‘I saw her drafting/carding there’ . The spinning obsession continues to grow – although I’m still doing plenty of knitting and crocheting.

I bought a Louet Junior drumcarder from P&M woolcraft yesterday. Mr M bought himself a new motorbike and I wanted a new toy too. Part of the deal was I had to drive him to Bedfordshire to pick up the bike, and then *cue scary music* drive the car back on my own – via P&M. I know driving is not a scary experience for most people, but I haven’t driven much in the last couple of years and I’m not very confident.

The drumcarder looks like an instrument of torture but is great fun to use. I churned through 400g of zwarbles fleece in about an hour and a half.

I also carded some washed alpaca fleece which then spun up beautifully. This morning I tried a blended batt with less success. It went a bit nepp-y. I’m going to have to experiment to eliminate the neps.

The batt on the left went through twice, the one on the right three times. I’m not sure the third time was necessary.

I’ve finished the second hat I was working on and it’s now blocking. Considering this heat it’s probably already dry. Now I just have to write up the pattern.



  1. It depends on what effect you’re going for – it definitely looks like there’s a difference between the two. The purple looks much more even in the right-hand batt.

    V. envious of the new toy.

  2. Ohh drumcarder!! Kai wants too! 🙂 Looks like you’re having fun with yours.

  3. Get in line, Kai! Lindsey wants lots!

    Your batts are very pretty, I’m quite impressed, as I’d have no idea what I was doing…..

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