Posted by: Moggle | August 2, 2008

Blending with a purpose

For a while now I’ve been a bit sick of my job, and wishing I could make a living out of doing the things I love. So I’ve decided to open an etsy shop and try selling fibre batts. If I could cut down even half a day of ‘normal’ work a week within a year I’ll be very happy.

The visit to alpacas I mentioned in my previous post was to a local alpaca breeder to buy some more fleece. It’s the same farm that provided the beautful black/brown cria (baby alpaca) fleece that I showed the process of a few weeks ago.

I’ve drum carded some fleece, and blended some with commercial tops, and I’ve also tried to create some ‘heathery’ blends of colours using mostly natural shades. I’m very happy with the results.

Check out the rest of my efforts in my shop Warratah Fibrecrafts.

It’s been a busy week with all that drumcarding and knitting group and enjoying the brief English summer. I haven’t got a lot of knitting done, and I don’t think I sat at the spinning wheel all week until this afternoon. I’m about to ply up another bobbin of alpaca. Hopefully I’ll have some photos tomorrow.



  1. Ooh, very nice! I’ve favourited the shop and will come back for a more serious browse soon. Your first offerings are really pretty, and your prices seem quite reasonable, too!

    Good luck getting the shop going, and I hope you’ll be able to slow down the non-fiber work!

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