Posted by: Moggle | August 9, 2008

Green bliss

The day I bought my drumcarder, I also bought more of this:

It’s the same green merino silk I already spun 200g of. My yardage is usually a lot less than I expect for weight and my yarn often ends up a bit heavier so I only got around 300m of green handspun out of 200g. I’m determined that this is the perfect yarn for a shetland triangle shawl. Now I can spin another 150 or so metres, enough to make a nice big shetland triangle.

I spun about half of it this morning.

A couple of weeks ago I did a little swatch to see how it would look.

I’ve been making good progress on the tangled yoke. The felted tweed goes for miles and miles and miles. I’ve done all the garter rib for the bottom section, done the waist shaping and started the bust shaping and I’m still only half way through the second ball. This is with doing the fronts and back all in one piece.

I’ve also been busy drumcarding more batts for the shop.



  1. Your green yarn knits up really nice! It’s lovely to see how its progressed from roving to swatch all in one blogpost 🙂

  2. That green swatch is the prettiest thing I’ve seen today. It’ll make a beautiful, beautiful Shetland Triangle.

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