Posted by: Moggle | August 14, 2008

The calm before the storm

I finished my old job on Tuesday, and don’t start the new one till Monday so I’m having 3 blissfull days off. 5 if you count the weekend.

I have grand plans for my 3 days, so its a bit disturbing that it’s almost half over.

So far I’ve:

  • Finished spinning the extra merino/silk. The final skein is drying and I now have just under 600m.
  • Knitted the body of the tangled yoke up to the underarms. I’m still only part way through the third ball!

I borrowed some 3.5mm dpns from a member of my knitting group to start the first sleeve. I knitted about an inch, then sort-of tried it on and decided they’re too big. So I ripped out and re-started on 3mms.

  • Done nearly a full repeat of my Print of the wave.

Still on the list is more tangled yoke and lace knitting, a possible start to my shetland triangle, writing up and photographing a couple of patterns, and having a stab at sorting out Mr M’s tax return for 07-08.

I did some more blending for the shop in the last few days and added a couple of new batts.

I’m quite chuffed with these. The brown is UK alpaca with blue faced leicester and silk, and I dyed the green myself. It came out quite intense originally, so I blended it with some grey shetland and some oatmeal bfl and I love how it turned out.

I’m also now allowed to tell you I have another pattern featuring in the upcoming issue of The Inside Loop. I’m allowed to say any more than that for now. The issue goes live next wednesday the 20th August.

I expect to be insanely busy once I start my new job and I’m planning on doing plenty of knitting in lunch hours and at home to de-stress.



  1. Looking forward to seeing your new pattern! Sounds like you’ve got lots to keep you occupied on your time off. Although I noticed the tax return is last on the list 😉

  2. Another pattern? You HAVE been busy!!

    Hope you manage to get a bit of relaxation in during your mini-break.

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