Posted by: Moggle | August 25, 2008

274 is a lot of stitches on one needle

I finally joined the sleeves of my Tangled Yoke to the body. Just in time too, because I was getting quite bored of sleeves. I ended up knitting the garter rib on 3mm to make the wrist end a bit narrower, and changing to 3.5mm after that.  Now I just have a couple of inches of plain yoke to do and then we’re in to the exciting cable.

My Landscape dyes arrived this week from Wingham Woolwork. I’ve had a go the last few days at making blue and green roving. These are the blues.

They’re dry now so I’m going to drumcard them soon. Watch the shop for the finished batts.

Thanks to those who wished me well at my new job. I didn’t nearly cry on the first day (unlike my last job) so I think that is a pretty good sign! Everyone in the new office seems really nice.

Thanks also to everyone for your comments about Lady Baron.


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