Posted by: Moggle | September 20, 2008

So close yet so far

Sorry for the non-posting over the last week and a half. Work has been very busy, and my etsy shop has been pretty busy too.

I’ve still managed to get the cables finished on my tangled yoke. Now just another inch or so of plain stocking stitch, some short rows and then the button bands. I need to get really stuck in to this because I don’t think it will take me long to finish.

I bought some shell buttons the weekend before last. I also tried making my own buttons with polymer clay and I was so pleased with the results that I made more and I’ve listed a few on etsy.

I also received my largest order so far of fibre – nearly 2 kilos worth. I’ve been busy dyeing up some bfl/silk and merino/soy roving. I also carded a batt of bfl, soy and camel which is really lovely and soft. I got the soy as loose fibre rather than top, and I was amazed about how much it fluffs up when carded. I have also dyed some of the camel fibre a lovely purple and I’m hoping to re-create my amethyst colour in a blend with this.

I included a couple of personal buys with the order. I’m going to blend some grey baby alpaca and bfl with the zwarbles I bought as fleece a few months ago. At the moment I’m planning on spinning the right weight to make an opulent raglan from Fall Knitscene. I’m planning on going to a meeting of the local spinning guild later today, so I’d better make sure I’ve got plenty to spin while I’m there.



  1. I love your roving dying. well done on your Etsy shop being busy.

  2. The rovings look gorgeous. Love the tangled yoke too.

  3. I like the buttons. I have a thing for buttons – I love searching for the ‘perfect’ one!!

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