Posted by: Moggle | September 27, 2008

Even closer

The buttonbands are now done on my tangled yoke. Now I just have to graft the underarms, sew on buttons and block. Oh and weave in all those ends!

I had a brilliant time at the spinning guild last Saturday. The sun was shining and I sat outside spinning in the glorious sunshine. I spun up nearly half my batch of green bfl/silk that I dyed. One batch of this went to the shop and was quickly snapped up, but this one is going to be some yarn for my Aunt’s birthday. (this is the point where I hope my aunt doesn’t read my blog)

I’ve spun up about the same again earlier tonight. I will hopefully get it finished this weekend.

I’ve been thinking about making a new pair of socks for Mr M once I finish my hedera (could be months away!). He wears his grey hedgerow socks loads. I am totally sworn off boring grey though and want to knit some in a colour I’ll enjoy. I’d like to do them in a blend that includes dark brown blue-faced leicester becuase I love that natural colour so much. I think I’ll try to drumcard some tencel or nylon in with it for extra strength. I’m also thinking about dyeing my own from nylon-blend sock yarn – perhaps burgundy or forest green.

I made a lovely burgundy with my landscape dyes and a bit of brown that I got sent. This is camel and bfl and it’s going to be a batt. The camel is beautifully soft and I can’t wait to have a go at spinning some.

I’m really chuffed with the bright red, but I had to soak the little bit of fibre in neat vinegar to get it to take up all the red fully.

Hopefully will have a tangled FO pic to show you soon. Better get grafting and end-weaving!



  1. Hurry, get grafting, Im looking forward to seeing it

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