Posted by: Moggle | September 29, 2008

Bake for 30 minutes….

My tangled yoke is done, ends are run in. I cooked the buttons this morning, and just sewed them on. I am happy, very happy. Now I just have to cross my fingers for decent light tomorrow and a willing protographer (ie Mr M). You’ll have to make do with a blocking photo for now.

I finished the knitting and grafting late Saturday evening, and I allowed myself to cast on for a new project. I’ve been dying to cast on for my handspun shetland triangle for weeks and weeks. I made myself wait until now because I was pretty sure I would get stuck in to it and the tangled yoke would get left in the dust.

I felt absurdly proud to wind the skein of merino/silk blend in to a centre pull ball.

This is where I got to mid-sunday. I’ve done quite a bit more now.

I also finished the singles of green bfl/silk for my auntie.

I started plying and it’s coming out quite fine – about 4-ply I think. The colour changes aren’t coming out like I hoped but they still look good, just different to what I expected. Now I just have to come up with some pattern suggestions to include with the present.



  1. I love your cardigan, it’s stunning. It will look fab with some homebaked buttons 😉 And you should be rightly proud of your green merino/silk, it is lovely!!

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