Posted by: Moggle | October 21, 2008

The Shetland Triangle FO post

I promised this post over a week ago. However real life and British weather got in the way. I was able to get a good picture of my folded shawl, but needed someone else to take a modelled shot, and it wasn’t sunny enough when Mr M was available to take the photo.

Luckily I met new friend Kajie at the guild meeting on Saturday and she was kind enough to take a few photos.

That first photo is mine and shows the colour more accurately, and the other three are kajee’s.

Pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark from the book Wrap Style

Yarn: Handspun Merino/Silk, 2-ply construction. Varies between 4-ply and aran thickness. Fibre purchased from P&M Woolcraft.

Needle: 4.5mm Knitpicks Harmony Options.

Mods: None, knit till I ran out of yarn. Worried a lot about having enough to finish the border once I’d started but Katie’s advice to keep 1/4 of what I had in reserve worked.

This was such a fun quick and simple pattern to knit. It looks complex but the pattern is actually very repetitive. It was also extremely forgiving to my uneven handspun. It is lovely and toasty warm for wearing around the house, and it was the perfect layer to wrap around me as I listened to the guild speaker on Saturday afternoon.

All I need now is a wooden shawl stick/pin to hold it together – I’ve already put my order in with Mr M for one of those.



  1. Gorgeous! I’m in awe of your handspun! 🙂

    And now I have another pattern to add to my list…!

  2. Beautiful shawl! And the yarn is so lovely too!

  3. Wow! Handspun and handknit! That’s very cool.

  4. Gorgeous – such a beautiful colour, and am in awe of your spinning/knitting skills!

  5. It’s simply gorgeous. ❤

  6. It is really beautiful; you must be so pleased!

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