Posted by: Moggle | November 4, 2008

More knitting time = socky FO

With the clocks changing the weekend before last, I gave up cycling to work for the winter. I’m now taking two buses to work. The first bus I get in the morning is usually packed and I’m lucky to get a seat, but the second is usually quite empty and I’m able to usually get a few rounds of a sock done. So far I’ve been able to knit on both legs of the journey home in the evening as well. I’ve managed to get my second Hedera sock done quite quickly – and listen to quite a few podcasts too. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to take an FO photo of the socks, but I am wearing them right now!

I was a bit in-between with easy, portable projects again, so I cast on for a Shedir hat in this lovely sage green Sublime Cashmere silk merino.


I turned my first weaving in to this needle book.



I stuck it on a wool wash in the washing machine to full it, then cut one edge and hand stitched it, then blanket stitched on the front edge. I attempted a knotted picot edge on the uncut edge which kind of worked, but not quite. I’ve left it as is any way.

I’ve also spun more of my Zwarbles blend for the opulent raglan. I plied a couple of skeins, the first of which looks like this.


I haven’t measured WPI yet but it looks about right for a ‘worsted’ weight yarn. I also spun up a small sample of my hand dyed corrie/tencel which I am really happy with – it has a real sheen and is lovely and bouncy when plied.


I’ll post photos of my socks once we get some sunlight (you may be waiting some time!)



  1. Oooh gorgeous stuff! I love the corriedale/tencel – will look out for some in your shop when I get some spare cash 🙂 Love that colour too!
    Hey your shetland shawl below looks really snuggly and warm – how many yards does it take? You used your handspun didn’t you – how much did you need? I quite fancy copying you :p

  2. oooh – I’m just catching up on blog posts. I love your needle book – such a nice colour and the weaving looks great.

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